How Technology can help your Sports Programs bottom line.

Part 2

Nearly all of us (Sports programs) have pretty decent-looking websites. But most sports programs still do not give their students the convenience to register for their classes online. These clubs still only offer registrations forms on PDFs or word documents, where parents often may have to fill out the same information multiple times for multiple kids, print it, and mail it with their payments. Sometimes, parents may have to write their credit card information on a piece of paper, a practice that’s not very secure. On a lot of sports websites, it’s not even clear how to register for programs. Some clubs simply ask to call for program information and registration, making it hard for parents to easily find the information they need.

Meanwhile, parents are super busy and they are also online more often than ever. They shop online, bank online, pay bills online; yet, they have to print a sheet of paper to register their kids for sports. They would really appreciate the convenience of enrolling their kids for different activities online.

In the years to come, providing online registration is not going to be just an option: it will become the only way to go; very much like online banking. If you haven’t jumped on this wagon yet, here are some reasons why online registrations are good for your business. Please click on the previous article to see reasons 1-4.

It frees up your staff and reduces your admin costs:


Unlike paper registrations where your staff has to manually re-enter information on different spreadsheets, a good online registration system will eliminate wasting that data entry time. Client information and payments are collected faster, allowing you or your staff to do more marketing, recruiting or whatever else that’s more pleasing and productive than admin paperwork.

There’s less manual entry of information, meaning, if you had to pay your staff by the hour, they will have less hours to work and your admin costs will go down too. This will definitely reduce your costs and improve your bottom line.

Data Entry is automatically organized:

With a good online system, once you set up your classes and lessons, all you have to do is wait for the registrations to come in. Unlike paper forms where you have to mail the form or wait for parents to print the form from your website and send it back to you, online registrations allow you to receive and organize the information automatically.

When a parent registers a kid for a class, there are at least 3 tables/spreadsheets that need to be filled out to organize your records: a contact information sheet, a class roster, a payment history sheet. As a manager you need to have at least those 3 sheets or tables to know who is who, which class they registered for, and how much they paid if they have paid at all. Doing this manually is a waste of your time. A good online system will automatically organize that information once collected, again, saving you so much time.

Better Records

Online registrations allow you to have permanent records of your students and their registration activity. Even if your computer crashed and you lost all your files, you can always find registration information because it is online and accessible from anywhere. Records are usually better organized and easily searchable online than on an excel spreadsheet. You can keep an eye on your business even while on vacation. This is a peace of mind that paper registrations cannot provide.

Say Good-bye to that filing cabinet!

If you have been collecting paper registrations after paper registrations and you see that file cabinet just getting filled each season, maybe it’s time for a change! Go paperless where it’s a lot easier to collect, file, and find information. I mean, who has time for filing cabinets these days?


If you have been thinking about becoming a better, more efficient manager but have not jumped on it yet, go ahead, jump on it! A Find an online registration system that easy to use, affordable and preferably, designed for sports so you don’t have to tweak it to make it work for you. You could definitely get a FREE Timmy account to manage your programs, but feel free to explore your options. At the end of the day, what matters is that you spend less time on admin work and more time growing your programs!