OTR Tennis Asia

” Timmy made life a lot easier. We have been able to track and monitor progression of all our groups and identify areas we need to improve as well as areas we can gloat about. It saved our lives, it’s been a game changer. I would recommend Timmy to any tennis enthusiasts or anyone running a comprehensive tennis program. ”

Shenorock Shore Club

Newport Beach Tennis Club

“ Timmy has been a fantastic program here for us administratively: we deal with a lot of kids in our programs so keeping track of where they go, what they pay and what they do is a difficult task. Timmy really makes LIFE SIMPLE for us. I’m thrilled to be using the program.It’s been very helpful. It’s easy to sign up online as well as, and to just track all the data and information regarding their attendance, the days they come, track the payments that they have made over the course of the year’ just to see that history of information about their sign ups, it’s all at their fingertips. We are really grateful to be using Timmy, which we have been using now for the past 6 months and we are excited to continue forward. ”

Silicon Valley Tennis Academy

” Timmy is great. It has been able to deliver these 3 things for me: a- Provide convenience to my clients by allowing them to register at anytime online. b- I spend less time on admin paperwork and more time coaching and growing my programs c- I was able to increase my return on investment: I have had more sign ups since I started using the system, and I spent less time managing them. Timmy has really helped me manage my programs easier and faster. “

Higgins Tennis, Inc.

“ My company has about 800 kids with 4 facilities and we work with 40 different schools. We use Timmy to cover about 400 of those students. Timmy IS THE BEST. My pros can get into the system and find their rosters and kids info. I can go in and do everything administratively like adding classes. The user end is super easy as my clients go in create a login and register for classes. Other registration systems ive tried I had to assist clients so much and I’ve basically haven’t had to do that at all with Timmy. I have the VIP Plan that is totally affordable. I can contact Lille and she loads all my classes and the turn around time is unbelievable, within 24/48 hr. The program works smoothly and I highly recommend it and the VIP Plan. ”

Advantage Juniors

” Lille Krukrubo and the rest of the Timmy Team have assisted Advantage Tennis Academy in all of its requests in a timely fashion. It seems if even the most complicated of request is confirmed with an almost immediate response and completed within 24 hours. All businesses, big and small, have individual requests to help make their operations run more smoothly and efficiently. Having a company that is able to assist with customization and modifications of their own system is something that needs to be appreciated and respected. I highly recommend using Timmy for any tennis or sports club/program. “

Prime Time Tennis Academy

“ Hi everybody, I just want to take a moment to thank Lille for all of her hard work for Timmy. I'm the owner of Prime time Tennis Academy. For the past 3 yrs. I've been working with Lille, she's been the best. I have very high standards for people I work with. She has gone above and beyond every time. Anytime, I have questions, concerns, she has been so on the ball with it. I can't say enough good things about Lille. I couldn't have started my program without you. The whole interface and the whole experience for my students has been awesome. I've never owned an academy before, I got it started 3 yrs ago. Didn't know how to run a website, didn't know anything. She was awesome and got everything linked for the credit cards to my account. Had no problem with refunds, with setting up the schedules. Very easy. I'm so grateful for Lille for making first time ownership easy and reducing the stress of running an entire program, taking that stress off of me. The payments , scheduling, the sign ups for the classes and all that website was awesome. And I just can't say enough but thank you. And I promise, she won't let you guys down for anyone that's thinking about Lille and Timmy. Thank you all so much and good luck. ”

Mo Tennis Training

Luis Rosado Tennis Academy

Woodbridge Tennis Academy

Gooding Todero Academy

Grip N Rip Jr Tennis Club